• Aschi

  • Aschi

    Aschi Aebersold sells the Surprise street magazine in Burgdorf. In the portrait, he talks about the early loss of his father, his childhood, how he lost his grip on life as an adult and slowly drifted into addiction - and why he is doing well again today despite illnesses.

    Directed, shot and edited by Alain Guillebeau

  • lucky Tom

  • Lucky Tom

    Tom doesn't need a sea reef to go snorkeling. He prefers the wintry river.

    With: Tom Roos
    Sound Editing: Sven Stockfleth

    Written, directed, filmed and edited by Alain Guillebeau

    "Glückstoucher" is the second film of the longterm project www.aareschwimmer.ch



    A young woman in search of the night of her life. The glowing cigarette is her only and constant companion, dancing with her through darkness and night clubs. Her wish for ecstasy and excitement makes her roam. The shadows and lights of the night reveal her deepest wishes and fears.

    With: Nadja Radi

    Music: Animal Trainer
    Original Sound: Madlaina Schaad
    Sound Mixing: Kobi Stoller
    Written, directed, shot and edited by Alain Guillebeau 

    Festivals: Solothurner Filmtage, Kasseler Dokfest, SHNIT Worldwide Filmfestival, Arlesheimer Kurzfimtage, BE MOVIE

  • Albin (Trailer)

  • Albin

    Camera: Andreas Widmer, Markus Heiniger, Philipp Eyer, Alain Guillebeau
    Sound: Lukas Erni, Benoît Barraud
    Editting: Rebecca Trösch, Stephan Heiniger
    Producer: Markus Heiniger, Steve Walker, Parasol Films
    Music: Stefan Schischkanov
    Sound Mix: Adrien Kessler
    Color Correction: Raphaël Frauenfelder

    Albin ist the diploma film of Alain Guillebeau, Master Studies Film ECAL/HEAD

    Festivals: Solothurner Filmtage, Kasseler Dokfest, SHNIT Worldwide Filmfestival, Arlesheimer Kurzfimtage, BE MOVIE



    Dave and Mike have been friends since Kindergarten. Once a week they dive into the Aare River when it's already dark  - even in the wintertime.

    With: David Huber and Michael Vogel
    Written, directed, filmed and edited by Alain Guillebeau

    "Nightowls" is the first film of my long term project www.aareschwimmer.ch

  • Ministarstvo Sjecanja (Ministry of memories)

  • Ministarstvo Sjecanja (Ministry of memories)

    Two guys stroll around at night in Sarajevo. During their walks, they witness the changes induced by the night. Their inner feelings are constantly reverberating against what they see and hear.

    A film by Fisnik Maxhuni and Alain Guillebeau.

    Editing: Kostas Makrinos
    ECAL / HEAD 2015

    The film was part of the International competition 'International Dox' Dokufest Prizren 2015

  • Momo 

  • Momo

    With: Mohamed Hamdaoui
    Director, Image and Editing: Alain Guillebeau

    Sound on Set: Jonas Scheu

    Color Grading: Raphaël Frauenfelder
    Sound Mixing: Adrien Kessler
    2015 ECAL/HEAD 

  • Steff la Cheffe Im Momänt   

  • Steff la Cheffe  im Momänt

    Director: Alain Guillebeau

    Image and Sound: Tom Bernhard
    Editing: Stephan Heiniger
    Assistent on Set: Moulel Oumar Diallo
    Sound Mixing: Beni Mosele
    Color Grading: Jonas Moser
    Production: Alain Guillebeau, Blaustich Film

    Festivals: Solothurner Filmtage, SHNIT Worldwide Filmfestival, Zürcher Jugendfilmtage, Upcoming Filmmakers Luzern, Emmentaler Filmtage

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  • artist statement

    I like people. And stories.

    I have always found it fascinating to observe the people around me and to find out what matters to them.

    Making films allows me to put myself in other people’s shoes. To tell stories from their perspectives. To create atmospheres and develop them into narratives.

    My films focus on people, on their identities and family histories, on their inner conflicts, their obsessions and dreams.

    Curiosity is my driving force. And learning something every day.



    Shadow Light (Docufiction, 7min)

    Albin (Documentary, 25 min)

    Ministarstvo Sjećanja (Documentary Essay, 15 min)
    Momo (Portrait, 9min)

    Steff la Cheffe - im Momänt (Documentary, 25 min)

    Stübli (Documentary, 15 min)